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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Meeting

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Once a week, everybody in the lower echelon of life (enlisted) who work in my section gather for a meeting of epic proportions.  Today was that day.  Always wishing to stay well infromed, I decided to take notes on anything noteworthy.  This is what I gathered.

  • Let’s all be on the same sheet of music.
  • Goals are important.
  • This is a new year.
  • PFC L. has done some college stuff.
  • Think about things.
  • If something is easy, it’s not a goal.
  • We need to look at other things, too.
  • Sergeant Major will not get promoted again.
  • Rank has rules.  [Sergeants First Class have first dibs on chocolate milk.]
  • What are my rights?
  • Citizens of our section?
  • Everyone has some power.  [Even if it is negligible.]
  • [WLC = Worthless Losers Course.]
  • We all have to do stuff.
  • Sergeant Major is “going for” things.
  • Sergeant Major has goals… for others.
  • Breaking up is hard/easy to do [situationally dependent].
  • President of the United States (PUS)
  • The President is crazy and will make this place fucking crazy.
  • The President “hits” countries.
  • There might be one.  [Perhaps two?]
  • Break out of here… Today!
  • Free tree?
  • Exercise is over.
  • Identity theft sucks.
  • Deployment is like identity theft.
  • Sergeant Major sleeps with a bow & arrow under his pillow.
  • Identity theft has a killer punchline at the end.
  • Make a life by destroying one.
  • Get a free credit report.  It’s free.
  • Five extra minutes of work?  No effin way, man!
  • Computers are scary.
  • Financial problems worse than espionage?  Sergeant Major says yes.
  • Individual goals are individual goals.  [Or so says Sergeant Major.]
  • Look out for #1, bitches.
  • Who’s in charge of t-shirts?
  • We’ll put it in a hat and vote on it.
  • Sergeant Major wins quote contest.
  • Staff Sergeant H. might be retarded.
  • Make the cooks leave the kitchen.
  • Specialist R. is exempt.

I think that says it all.  No need for further explaination.

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