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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Presidential Visit

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Recently I wrote in The Meeting that “The President is crazy and will make this place fucking crazy.” Well, the President visited today and made this place fucking unbelievably batshit insane. There were hours of waiting yesterday, and it was followed with hours of waiting today. The President’s 10 minute speech made it all worthwhile, especially since our attendance was mandatory. Best part about all of this? I missed out on probably a total of eight hours of work combined from yesterday and today. Thanks, boss.

After the speech, someone said “Pff, he doesn’t even write his own speeches, so what’s the fucking point?” I didn’t say anything to this guy, because it was obvious that he is not a thinker and would be unable to fully comprehend my sentences.

That’s not to say that I didn’t agree on the pointlessness of it all. And that’s not to say I’m the President’s biggest fan; I am surely not. But to be spiteful and loathe the day all because the President didn’t write his own speech? Ridiculousness, in overabundance.

The guy is the fucking President of the United States. Do you really think he has the fucking time to write every two-bit ten minute speech he gives, or just about any speech for that matter? If the President’s going to write his own speeches, I bet it’s not very often and it’s probably only for God, or maybe Jesus, with a counsel of cherubs. Seriously, if the President spent his time writing and perfecting those speeches (laughable as this is clearly not true) then I’d be concerned. He’d have time for little else, like his myriad of Presidential duties, and I’m not just talking about poop. I’d be offended if he wrote all of his speeches himself. If he did that and I was one of his advisers, I’d have to take him aside and say “You’re the fucking President, do you understand that? Quit writing that shit and get back to work. I said put the pen down, and fucking get back to workNow!

He has people who get paid (with tax money, mind you) to do nothing but write speeches for him. If he doesn’t utilize them, then he’s wasting his time, their time, and our taxes. Fuck that.

Keep riding that gravy train, George, and please, for the sake of the country and the proper use of English, don’t write your own speeches.

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