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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Life Hates Me

Filed under: Hate,Reasons to Not Re-enlist — Jill Hater @ 9:07 pm

I almost never post twice in the same day; It’s sort of an unwritten rule I have.  But this is an exception.  For about the next seven days, I will go and do “stuff” and be separated from the whole of the internet.  Luckily, with the Onion’s Our Dumb World being loaned out to me, I will not be without funny.

This is basically a note announcing an involuntary, albeit short, hiatus from posting.  Also, no email will be responded to for about the next seven days.  I might be on tomorrow, and may be able to make a post, but that’s about it.

Perhaps worse than falling out of contact with the known world and getting behind on my postings is that I will likely miss the NFC championship game this Sunday, which features the New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers.  Now I am a Packer fan and it has been precisely ten years since their last appearance in the semifinal round.  Therefore you might think this only happens about once per decade.  You’d be close to accurate.

If the Army forces me to forgo seeing this game, I will add it to my list of things that I will never forgive the Army for doing.  In addition to all of that, I feel that I will be spending the week doing little more than wasting my time.  If something productive does come of this, I will be shocked to no end.

There’s little else to say, other than I am reasonably upset.

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