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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Year Ago Today…

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I left Korea. Finally! This is a mini-pseudo-holiday for me. It was about damn time. Actually, I could have left Korea sooner, but I chose not to. Why? It’s somewhat difficult to explain…

I was set to leave Korea the same day as someone else I loosely “worked” with. Let’s call him… Meyerz. Yes, that’ll do. Well, Meyerz is a complete fucktard. I mean this guy is incompetent and is always on a miniature power trip. And he’s child like. He’d probably make a dandy Pharaoh. But working in the motorpool or being near me? Not so much.

I could barely stand to be in this man’s presence. What a fucker. But, as I said, I was set to leave the same day as him; February 20th. What to do?

I conducted some shady business and was able to turn the paperwork in my favor and stay in K-town for an additional six days. Hey, I’d waited damn near a year up to that point – What’s an extra week? Bonus: This enabled me to exit country on the same day as my friend, Phil. Cool beans. We even worked it out to be seated next to each other on the plane rides from Seoul to Detroit. Now that’s dandy.

So today I reflect back and say, “Damn, has it really been a year?” It doesn’t seem like it. When I spent my year in Korea it dragged on forever. It probably seemed more like two years. This year, in comparison, flew by. Maybe it’s from my current situation in Kuwait, which forbids me from doing anything remotely fun, entertaining, or amusing. Does time fly faster when you have nothing to do?

In any event, I’m one year closer to leaving the Army. Another three months and I’ll be writing another post about my three year anniversary of entering the service (probably focusing more on my one year left in the service).