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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Into the Memory of Anti-Lennism

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Over a year ago, when I was in K-town, I distinctly remember having a conversation with a good friend of mine about a little band named Len. Specifically, the conversation covered Len’s solitary hit, Steal My Sunshine. Yeah, remember that shit? Well it was shit.

Personally I had no beef with the song. I never really thought it was great, though it is sort of creepy how close that brother-sister duo are. Weird. But the older I get, and the more my musical taste delves into metal, the more I dislike the song.

But at the time of this conversation I had with my good friend, I was startled to see how much he truly hated both Len and Steal My Sunshine. He could have easily been arguing that they were both the worst band ever and worst song ever, respectively. He told me of how, when he had heard the music for the very first time, he immediately identified that it was shit, true shit, and loathed it right away. He continued to mock the song and became visibly angry from simply recalling these memories.

So nowadays I am in a different place, working with different people. When of the guys I work with, he’s uh, a real douche bag. Other people don’t seem to think so, but I feel it. He complains bitches without end. He is lazy, and appears incompetent. Also, he is easily upset, and constantly gets into arguments and throws tiny fits, several times daily. He is friendly, however. Basically speaking, I do not like this guy overall, but he’s not the worst person I’ve had to deal with. I guess that’s not saying much on the side of him saving grace, but whatever – I’m about to destroy that anyway.

Now the other day a couple of my coworkers offered me a ride back to my barracks. I accepted. When I got into the car, what of all songs was playing but Steal My Sunshine! Then, douche bag hopped into the passenger seat about thirty seconds later. Immediately he said “Yes!” and turned the radio up; loud. “Oh my God, he really is a fucking douche bag,” I thought. Proof: he not only likes the song, but he appears to love it. Later, when the driver (not I) remarked, “This song sucks,” he indeed did reply with, “I love this song.”

Despite the music, I couldn’t help but smile. The moment, however painful, brought back the memory of a well-put discussion regarding hatred of lesser things, and, additionally, my coworker proved that he is a lesser thing, vindicating every negative feeling I’ve ever had towards him. Rock on. (Not you, Len. Stop your “rocking” immediately.)