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Saturday, March 1, 2008

February Thirtieth?

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Why can’t the Feb get any love?  Even in an extended year, it still doesn’t get thirty days, despite there being several months that have more than thirty days.  The months with 31 days just don’t seem to want to share “the love,” as I call it.

But then again, does February really want to have thirty days?  As it stands right now, February gets a lot of extra attention because of its “special” status of being the only month with fewer than three sets of ten days.  Or ten sets of three days.  Or even six sets of five… [rambling stopped here for brevity – editor].  And because of this, it gets the bonus leap day, which is the rarest of all days, as it only occurs 97 times every 400 years.  (In comparison, all other days occur 400 times every 400 years.)

February has, on occasion, had 30 days.  The Swedes were messing around with it in the early 18th century whilst they tried to change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian, even though neither of those calendars have a 30-day-February.  The Soviets also fiddled with the idea some 200 years later.  See, a communist calendar is where all the months have the same number of days, even if some months work harder than others.  And that is why communism always fails.

So, in conclusion, February 30th could be a terrible omen.  But it is also a sign of capitalist dominance.  And that’s why February only has 28 days.  Or 29 (sometimes).