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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do the Pussycat Dolls Control the Weather?

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Last night, on March 10th, Operation Myspace, a bit of a shindig, kicked off on Camp Buehring, Kuwait. It was pretty good, but there’ll be more to follow on that once the PAO pictures get published.

What interested me is that Stars & Strips, that ever-loved newspaper I wrote about in a previous post, reported on March 5th a statement issued by the Pussycat Dolls. It read “We’re so excited to be performing for the troops and supporting our Armed Forces overseas. They’d better get ready … the desert’s about to get a lot hotter!” The emphasis is mine.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the day following Operation Myspace was easily the hottest day we’ve had since last summer. What the fuck? Have those pop divas been able to control the weather this entire time and up until this point they’ve left us to our own devices.?If they really want to support the troops, why not make it a comfortable temperature all year round? Then, if you like, you may dress scantily and shake your goods about whichever way you please.