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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Winds of Change Are a-Comin’

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Soon I will be on leave. I’m not taking my laptop with me; it’ll be too easily stolen, broken, gone missing, et cetera. I don’t want to have to worry about it, look after it, or carry it about. So it’s staying here in K-ville whilst I go venturing around Australia.

Will I post? I don’t know; I doubt it. But before I leave a few short days from now, I would like to announce the formal end to the Potvin Spotlight. It’s not that it doesn’t get enough support – there’s no such thing on this site. My reasoning comes as I have realized that I’ve only made one non-football Potvin Spotlight post. That was about Andrei Chikatilo.

When I introduced the Potvin Spotlight, I promised to not only write about football, but also certain historical battles/wars and serial killers. Well, I failed. There, I said it. I’ve read about many ancient battles/wars and what have you, and they’re just too difficult to add humor to. So, after grasping extensive knowledge of the history of war, I typically say “fuck it” and post something completely unrelated.

Serial killers on the other hand – I’m sure I could make many more posts about them types. Goodie goodie. So here’s my plan: I’m changing the titles. Former Potvin Spotlights about football will just be generically renamed Sunday Spotlights, as they appear on Sunday. Plus, the alliteration is sort of a bonus. Same goes for the Chikatilo post, except it’ll be called a Serial Killer Spotlight. The alliteration is still present, but, in my view, it’s just not as strong. No worries, though.

Also, I’m removing mama scorpion and her babies, and putting up some other photograph. Say goodbye everybody!

Below: Mama Scorpy-Scorps, and her babies
We’ll miss you.

Well, this is probably the most boring post I’ve ever had. If you bothered to read this you’re probably upset, so let me redirect you to something funny: go watch Mr. Show.