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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open the Political Satire Floodgates

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I hadn’t touched on much of anything heading up to this here general election. I probably should have.

I’d always like to think that I could make satire without inserting my own bias, but I know that’s probably not true. With the elections over, however, I can write pretty much what I wish without being accused of using my very powerful position as a psuedonym’d blog writer (who happens to write about bear attacks, serial killers, and the 1888 Yale Bulldogs football team) for political gains. Yes, open the political satire floodgates.

And for anyone who’s disappointed that I didn’t post at all in the month of October, let it be known that I am also disappointed with myself. No worries, though – I’m sure I haven’t disappointed anyone. Any fan base I might have had, if any, is surely gone by now. That’s stress-free blogging, right there.

Also, we here at the Potvin Newsly are nearing 100 posts. Also, we’re nearing our first anniversary of web-logging. Also, there’s no “we” – really, it’s just me. Nevertheless, I expect the be at least nominated for a 2008 Peabody. I am submitting my Bear Attack Week articles. I don’t know why I’m bringing any of this up, except to say “Thanks, internet, for always being there and full of porn.”